Englisches Theater kommt zu Besuch (2016)

Ein Highlight des Englischunterrichts an der Humboldt-Schule sind die Besuche des White Horse Theatre. Alle zwei Jahre führen die englischsprachigen Schauspieler für die Orientierungs- und Mittelstufe jeweils ein Theaterstück in ihrer Muttersprache auf. In diesem Jahr haben sich die 5. und 6. Klässler „Fear in the Forest“ angeschaut und waren begeistert. Drei von ihnen haben Folgendes geschrieben:
Fear in the Forest

On 15 June the White Horse Theatre was in our school and staged a play. The play is about a girl called Josy, who wants to visit her grandmother. On the way her scooter breaks . Then she finds a hotel, where she gets milk and some food. But it isn’t tasty. Then she goes to bed, but she can’t sleep, because somebody screams. The three people who work in the hotel want to steal her things, but then the police arrive and catch them. Four people acted in the play. The costumes were simple, but because the actors played so well, they did not need costumes. The English was very easy to understand but there were some words which were a little bit difficult to understand. All in all I was very impressed and would like to see the next play, too. (Matilda, 6. Klasse)

Fear in the forest

The play “Fear in the forest“ is about Josie who wants to visit her grandmother but she is lost in the forest. It is a stormy and rainy night and her scooter breaks. Finally she finds a strange hotel where the manager gives her a room and something to eat and drink. Josie doesn´t like it. She goes to sleep but she hears strange noises from a ghost and a wolf. She screams and the manager comes. That happens several times. Josie thinks that it is strange. The next time she pretends to sleep but she hides and sees that the manager, the cook and another man steal her bag. She calls the police with her mobile phone and the manager and the cook are arrested. The four actors acted well and their costumes and props were good. They spoke easy English so that I could understand it. I liked the play.  (Ida, 6.Klasse)

Review of Fear in the Forest

On Wednesday the White Horse Theatre was here in Kiel at Humboldt-Schule. The play was from 8.45 to 9.45 am. It was a beautiful play. And all the children understood it! The four actors said all their texts well and so they were easy to understand. The story of the play is a horror story. A young girl loses the way in a dark forest and then she comes to a hotel. The people in the hotel give her sleeping milk and in the night they want to steal her things. But the girl hides in a corner and calls the police. I think it was a beautiful and interesting play!  (Moritz, 6. Klasse)